Part-Time Youth Program

 Ibn ‘Abbas Youth: Part-time Program In Islamic Studies



‘Abd Allah Ibn ‘Abbas was a young cousin of the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, and he grew up to be one of the most influential and consequential personalities in the history of Islam. Ibn ‘Abbas rendered legal verdicts in many fields of knowledge and his contributions were essential to the shaping of our religion. 

Inspired by the youthful and scholarly legacy of Ibn ‘Abbas, Tayseer Seminary is launching Ibn ‘Abbas Youth, a part-time program that offers a structured environment  of learning for our youth, where they can establish a deep appreciation for their tradition without losing touch with modern realities.

In addition to conveying sound scholarships to our students, tailored to the basics of their religious obligations, the program is committed to providing them with a spiritual experience that strengthens their relationship with Allah Ta’ ala and His Prophet- a relationship that is at the very core of their identity.

The program features a two-year curriculum in the foundational sciences of Islam for students ages 14-24. Students outside of this age range may apply pending approval from the admissions team. Upon completion students will receive a certificate for the Ibn ‘Abbas Program in Islamic Studies.

Ibn Abbās Curriculum


Classes will take place over fall and spring semesters for a full academic year. Classes meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Classes will meet at the Tayseer Seminary located at 706 Mabry Hood, 37932.

Acadamic calendar, syllabi, and course outlines will be available to students and parents upon registration. 


Tuition is $920 per full academic year, including books and materials. The tuition may be paid in full upon registration or broken up into payments. Sibling discount will be available upon registration.


Ibn ‘Abbas Youth Application