Seminary Program

Tayseer Seminary: Full-Time Program


The Program

Introducing a comprehensive curriculum that combines serious learning, enlightening spirituality and effective activism, Tayseer Seminary is providing its students with the opportunity to delve into the foundational Islamic sciences without losing sight of their American reality.

Enabling students with the necessary skills to become serious seekers of knowledge, critical thinkers and Godly activists while creating a learning community that is forward looking, responsive to the challenges of Muslims, and interacting with the larger religious and intellectual American milieu.

The Curriculum

Tayseer Seminary curriculum aims at introducing the various foundational Islamic sciences. Our students are expected to spend extended time studying Arabic language and literature–, a skill that will enable  them to directly access the classical works on Qur’an, hadith, and the other disciplines of the Islamic canon.

In addition to being exposed to methodology of the Islamic Sciences, our students study hadith and its terminology; Qur’an and the sciences derived from it; jurisprudence (Fiqh) and its development, jurisprudential history and its foundations (Usul), as well as courses on Qur’anic recitation (Tajwid), theology, and counseling.

In order to have a good understanding of the nature and mechanisms of efficient activism, Tayseer offers a class on community building and development. In addition, the seminary facilitates opportunities for the students to practice their skills by developing close relationships with the various Islamic institutions and activists in the Knoxville area.

Essential to the mission of the seminary is the spiritual growth of the students. To fulfill that aim the seminary provides an environment in which students will develop a deep spiritual experience through required devotional exercises such as Qiyam al-Layl, daily dhikr, and guided readings on purification of the self.

In sum, Tayseer Seminary strives at providing a life–transforming experience that not only brings students to a better understanding and appreciation of our scholarly tradition, and enables them to become efficient leaders of their communities, but also endeavors at creating in them the urge to forge a profound and everlasting relationship with the Divine.