Summer Intensive Program


The Summer Qurʾān Intensive program is being offered to students that have excelled in their Qurʾān studies over the last year. This is an invite-only program to immerse the student with the learning of Qurʾān recitation and memorization through a five-week period, insha Allah.

Students must be invited/accepted in the program by the director of the Qurʾān program. All students must have an intermediate level of Qurʾān reading ability and have been able to sit in after-school classes for at least a semester. The program is for male and female students, children and adults.

Summer Quran Intensive Info Package – 2018

The application fee is $25 per applicant/student and must be paid in full with the application form. The program is limited-capacity. In the case we have more students than we can allow, preference will be given to those who submit their completed application and pay their application fee first. The completed applications and check/cash must be submitted the Qurʾān program director or administrator. Students cannot be admitted into the program without submitting an application. Applicants will be notified via email of acceptance in the program soon after the applications have been submitted.

Complete tuition must be paid before the first day of class on June 18, or at least the two
installments (May 7 and June 7).

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