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Tayseer Seminary is a full-time Islamic theological seminary in Knoxville, TN. The seminary aims at transforming Muslim individuals through the enlightened and relevant study of Sacred Knowledge and through spiritual immersion.

The Seminary features a fully-developed Islamic sciences curriculum initiated and taught by our local resident scholars Shaykh Hassan Lachheb and Ustadha Zaynab Ansari.

“Community thrives off knowledge” | Shaykh Hassan Lachheb, President

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We are Now Accepting Applications for Tayseer Class of 2018-19!

Tayseer Seminary provides its students with the opportunity to delve into the foundational Islamic sciences without losing sight of their American reality by introducing a comprehensive curriculum that combines serious learning, enlightening spirituality and effective activism.

The number of students admitted to the program will be limited in order to provide a close-knit learning experience with the teachers.

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Tayseer Student Testimonials

“Tayseer, for me, was the beginning of a new beautiful chapter. The love of the Prophet, peace be upon him, emerged in my heart and a relationship with my Lord was established, all through the seeking of knowledge. Seeking knowledge of Allah brought me closer to him; seeking knowledge of his words brought me understanding of them; seeking knowledge of Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, inspired me to transform the love I had for him into striving to be a contemporary companion of his. Tayseer produces an environment where one can look inward and begin to truly better oneself with the help of beautiful companionship everywhere you turn. Tayseer is where I experienced the taste of Iman, love, inspiration, and contentment. The Prophet, peace be upon him said, “Be in this world as a stranger or a wayfarer”. Tayseer has equipped me with the tools to do so.” –Ismael Mamdu | Tayseer Class of 2017.

“Difficulties are a part of the path. So long as you only run towards Allah, He will place Tayseer in your journey.”- Nuri Aminah | Tayseer Class of 2017.

“To me, Tayseer is a home away from home. It is a place where you busy yourself with the most important of works, yourself. It is a beacon of prophetic light in a dark and foggy time. A refuge from the choppy seas of this Dunya. It is where you can bask in the light of the uloom of this deen by sitting and learning from amazing teachers who prepare you to head back out into the seas of this Dunya, through their tarbiyyah. It is where you establish connection and relationships, that will not only last many years to come, but till the akhira, insha’Allah. Tayseer is a blessing.”- Obaid Rehman Khan | Tayseer Class of 2017.

“Tayseer has taught me that Islam is liberation from our lowly selves, and from the injustices that plague communities. As His vicegerant, everything I do must be focused on attaining God’s pleasure and His countenance in the afterlife. And if I truly love others, I must be serving them & praying for their afterlife.” – Ayah Bany-Mohammed | Tayseer Class of 2017.

Tayseer Tours

Join Tayseer on an Upcoming Trip to Umrah!

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“Laying eyes on the Ka’aba, placing my forehead on the cool marble floor of the Harim in sujood, and having the opportunity to kiss the black stone was enough to overflow my heart with a love of Islam. Being able to see the Sira come to life through the detailed accounts of Shaykh Hassan added a deeper level of connection to the Prophet (SAW) and his companions (RA) that I didn’t even know was possible.” – Sister Christina Lell| Tayseer Umrah Tour 2018

“Going to Umrah is an amazing experience for any Muslim. For me, I didn’t know what I was expecting to get by going there. I wanted to get closer to Allah SWT, and now after having completing the trip, I can verify that by spending just a week in Mecca and Medina, I definitely achieved my goal. Just a week can change your life, and by going to Mecca and performing tawaf, and going to Medina and spending time with the Prophet (SAW), my life was drastically changed for the better.” – Brother Cameron Neary| Tayseer Umrah Tour 2018

“Traveling with the Tayseer group made everything easier, lighter. The heaviness of the moment lifts with the words “Labbayka Allahumma labbayk”. In my Ihram making Tawaf with so many others, I knew I was just another face in the crowd, but to Allah, His guest. Shaykh Hassan brought to life the Seerah of the Prophetﷺ.The magnitude and importance of what it meant to be a Muslim really sank in as I walked in the footsteps of the Beloved and His companions and listened to the Seerah. To the believer, Mecca is a reset for your Iman and life and Madinah is simply home, Alhamdullilah. May Allah invite us all again soon!” – Sister Amira Hamed| Tayseer Umrah Tour 2018