Welcome to Tayseer Seminary

Tayseer Seminary is a full-time Islamic theological seminary in Knoxville, TN. The seminary aims at transforming Muslim individuals through the enlightened and relevant study of Sacred Knowledge and through spiritual immersion.

The Seminary features a fully-developed Islamic sciences curriculum initiated and taught by our local resident scholars Shaykh Hassan Lachheb and Ustadha Zaynab Ansari.

“Community thrives off knowledge” | Shaykh Hassan Lachheb, President

Qurʾān Programs in The Community

New Qurʾān Programs in the Community

Tayseer is excited to welcome aboard Hafiz Noman Zaheer, who will begin launching new Qurʾān programs for the community! Take a look at these amazing new opportunities.

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Tayseer Launches Youth Program

 Ibn ‘Abbas Youth: Part-Time Program 

This program features a two-year curriculum in the foundational sciences of Islam geared toward students ages 14-24. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate for the Ibn ‘Abbas Program in Islamic Studies.


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Tayseer Tours

Join Tayseer on an Upcoming Trip to Umrah!

For more information on joining this trip and the application process, please email Travel@tayseerseminary.orgDon’t miss out on this opportunity!