Frequently Asked Questions

What is the annual tuition for the Seminary program?

Full-time tuition is $6,100 including materials and fees. The required payments may be divided into installments of up to 10 months. Payments will be due at the beginning of each month.

Financial aid is available based upon need and merit. Please email [email protected] with inquiries about financial aid.

Does Tayseer provide student housing and transportation?

Tayseer Seminary does NOT offer student housing at this time. Students will be responsible for securing their own living arrangements and expenses including meals and transportation around Knoxville.

As a mid-sized city, the cost of living in Knoxville is quite reasonable and distances are short—for example, the commute from Tayseer Seminary to downtown Knoxville is only twenty minutes. For more information about relocating to Knoxville, please visit the Knoxville Chamber.

For information about housing, please visit the Knoxville Apartment Guide.

(Tayseer Seminary does not endorse these websites nor make any claims as to their accuracy. These websites are provided for informational purposes only.)

When does the program begin?

The academic year begins in September and concludes with graduation in May.

What are the minimum qualifications?

We are looking for academically gifted students who are committed to a rigorous program. Students should ideally be at least eighteen years of age; however, maturity and a track record of achievement and service will be most important. A reasonable grasp of Arabic is also preferred.

Can I get into a four-year college or university with my coursework?

At this time, Tayseer Seminary is not accredited. While we are happy to provide academic transcripts for coursework completed, we cannot make any assurances as to whether courses will be accepted and/or accredited by other institutions.

Can I get an Ijazah?

Yes, students will receive an Ijazah that attests to their having heard specific texts with the teacher, thus incorporating them into the blessed chains of the righteous and the scholarly predecessors. Students will also receive a certificate of completion and transcripts at the end of the program.

Can I schedule a campus visit?

Please contact us in advance so we can welcome you to our campus.


We look forward to being in touch with you soon inshaAllah.

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