2nd Year

Open the doors to a life-long pursuit of knowledge

About the Program

“When Allah wishes good for someone, He grants them understanding in the religion.”

The two-year program provides a solid foundation for the lifelong pursuit of Islamic knowledge. The first year consists of an intensive study of Arabic, Qur’an memorization and spiritual cultivation. In the second year, students will continue their study of Arabic while engaging in a broad-based study of the Islamic sciences in Arabic and English. By the end of the second year, students will have gained a thorough introduction to the tradition of Islamic scholarship, acquiring an advanced level of proficiency in Arabic, a solid grounding in memorization of the Qur’an, and a strong foundation in all major Islamic sciences. 

Key Areas of Focus

Proficiency in Arabic

Building proficiency in writing, speaking and listening in a lively classroom environment

Classical Texts

In-depth study of classical texts under the guidance of qualified scholars

Practical Application

Engaging contemporary challenges facing Muslims in America and the umma at large

Calligraphy 2020-20

Arabic Instruction

In the course of the academic year, students will be able to understand and access the Qurʾān, Sunna and classical texts in the core Islamic sciences. This entails building advanced proficiency in Arabic. Our approach to language instruction is rooted in both classical methods and the latest research on second language acquisition. A solid grasp of the rules of grammar and morphology is indispensable to building fluency in Arabic, but it is not enough on its own. 

We create a lively classroom environment that enables students to hone the full variety of communication skills that are the key to having full command of a new language. In the course of the academic year, this approach enables students to develop a taste for the language that is both natural and intuitive. 

Classroom hours are divided between 1) listening and conversation, 2) readings in classical texts and 3) formal instruction in the rules of grammar and morphology.

Study of Classical Texts

 In addition to Arabic study, 2nd year students will have the opportunity for in-depth study of classical texts in the core disciplines of Islamic scholarship. Emphasis will be placed on a detailed understanding of the texts in their original language as a basis for a more wide-ranging conversation. How were these disciplines shaped by their historical contexts and in what ways do they transcend their immediate context to speak to the issues of today? 

Subjects covered include hadith, fiqh, uṣūl al-fiqh, theology and spirituality.

Knowledge in Practice

Through enrichment seminars and hands-on service activities, students will bring what they learn to bear on some of the most pressing spiritual, intellectual and practical challenges of the day. Tangible experience with these challenges will assist graduates of the two-year seminary program in fulfilling future roles of service and leadership. Seminars and service projects are designed in consultation with faculty.


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