Student Testimonials


"There are moments in our lives that mark a before and after."

Hear from our students as they walk through their Tayseer Seminary experience recounting memorable days with classmates, expansive nights of worship, and spiritual growth.

“For me, Tayseer was a strong facilitator for my emotional, spiritual, and physical growth. I haven’t had a spiritual fellowship this good in years.”
Tuscany Bernier
Class '18
“I came to Tayseer to increase my iman, learn about my deen, and study the life of the Prophet (SAW), and the Sahabas. I am overjoyed at being able to reach my goal thanks to my amazing teachers.”
Binete Mbaye
Class '18
“Tayseer was a chance to reset and get away from the world without running away from it. It was a chance to get a solid footing in the path to Allah while learning the integrals of my deen in a holistic way.”
Samad Husain
Class '18
“Tayseer, for me, was the beginning of a new beautiful chapter. Tayseer produces an environment where one can look inward and begin to truly better oneself with the help of beautiful companionship everywhere you turn.”
Ismael Mamdu
Class '17
“To me, Tayseer is a home away from home. It is where you establish connection and relationships, that will not only last many years to come, but till the akhira, insha’Allah. Tayseer is a blessing.”
Obaid Rehman Khan
Class '17
“Tayseer has taught me that Islam is liberation from our lowly selves, and from the injustices that plague communities. As His vicegerent, everything I do must be focused on attaining God’s pleasure and His countenance in the afterlife. And if I truly love others, I must be serving them & praying for their afterlife.”
Ayah Bany-Mohammed
Class '17


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