Qurʾān School

 All Muslims aspire to improve their relationship with their Creator by improving their recitation of the Qurʾān.  The Tayseer Qurʾān program exists to facilitate the growth of this relationship.


Classes Begin Feb 1, 2018

Placement will be determined by assessment

Part-time Qurʾān Memorization

Monday to Thursday, 3:30p – 5p

The part-time Qurʾān memorization class is for students who are fluent at Qurʾān reading and have a basic understanding and application of Tajwīd in their recitation.

Students must be assessed and approved by the instructor to attend this class.

Elementary Students – Qa’idah, Guided Arabic Reading

Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30p – 5:30p

This class is designed for elementary children to begin learning how to read Arabic with the objective of being able to read from the Qurʾān (mushaf).  Ustadha Kareemah Sharafuadeen is the dedicated teacher for this class.

Elementary Students – Qurʾān Reading

Tuesday and Thursday, 5p – 5:45p

Elementary students who have learned basic reading are qualified to attend this class.  The objective of this class is for the student to increase reading fluency while applying the correct pronunciation and articulation of the letters.

Tajwīd and Reading Fluency

Monday and Wednesday, 5p – 5:45p

This class is designed for all students from elementary to high school who have an average to above average level of reading fluency.  Students will learn the art of Qurʾān recitation, formally known as Tajwīd and apply what they learn in their Qurʾān recitation.

Spring 2018 Semester Tuition Schedule

One Student $300 total, $100/month
Family, two or more $450 total, $150/month


Tuition discounts available for qualified families – please email quran@tayseerseminary.org